Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Before sunrise

’m a dark shadow. I live in a small town every house was made out of new brown wood. But me and my family live under a old dirty bridge. At night I went to go and find a friend. There is a grey shiny statu. I go there to pray that one day I will have a friend.

But suddenly I see a shiny yellow light coming out a old mans house. I climb up a dirty pipe then I end up at the old man's window. It looked like he was asleep on his own chair I quietly climb on the old man's chair the light was a candle. It was beautiful I slowly walk to the candle. The more I get closer the more hot I get. The candle turned around I was shy.

I was shocked she was beautiful I go and touch here shiny beautiful face. But then my hand went on fire it was sore as drowning underwater. I run away the candle started to cry then I climb up the dirty pipe. The clouds went past the moon like a plane

and the moon was as shiny as a crystal that old man woke up then he blows out the candle I run back to the old man's house. I see that the candle is dead I said to myself ‘’WHAT DID I DO!’’. But then a shadow pops out of the candle it looked like she was asleep. She get up I say ‘’who are you?’’ ‘’I am the light’’ the shadow was happy he finally had a friend.  

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