Thursday, November 23, 2017

Poha tokirihou

This trem we have been learning about how food preservation has changed since the early day.
I have learnt that we can use the wax wraps for food the plastic.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The piano

 The Piano       
Make a copy, rename and start your writing on your copy.

Click on the url below and watch the short clip.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.27.13 AM.png

Before you start writing
This video is about a man  who remembers his past and recalls his memories. Think about how he would be feeling and other memories that this might trigger.

WALT write a descriptive piece of writing from the old man’s point of view as he recalls his memories.

Success Criteria
We need to focus on these things
  • Full stops, capital letters,
  • Paragraphs
  • We need to follow the sentence tools for our opening paragraphs.
Once this is completed you can publish it on your personal blog.
WALT write a descriptive piece
of writing from the old man's
point of view as he re calls his memories.


Hello there, I am a old wrinkly Woman, let’s start from the beginning. I was playing the piano upstairs when I heard my husband  yell out to me his name is Dom, ‘’DO THE DISHES!’’ Yelled Dom. I slowly walked down the stairs when all a sudden there was a banana. I didn’t see it so I rolled down the stairs, ‘’ DONK DONK!’’ my husband tried to run, be he couldn’t because he had a cramp.

‘’AHHHHH!’’ I yelled. 2 hours later, my wife was in hospital, I was sad. I waited  for weeks, then I heard the doctor say ‘’sorry Dom she’s gone’’. I got onto my knees and prayed, ‘’dear God hope you made my wife’s journey to heaven good’’ I stayed still for like a hour. I went home depressed and tried but instead of going to bed I went to play my wife’s piano.

As I was playing the piano I remembered all the things that happened in the past.  
When I first went on a holiday with my wife, we went to greece. There were lots of stuff there, and I remembered when I was in World War 2, I hid with my friend in the cold damp trenches.  The mud felt the old sticky slime.  that day  this BIG HUGE MAN!! Came out of nowhere and shot my friends head. The big man didn’t see me so I had good luck, but not my friend.

The dark juicy blood came out like a volcano. There was no point of saving him, so I got out of the trenches and started to shoot. But all a sudden I got shot in the leg, then my first birthday present when I was 5. I was a big fat chubby kid, I got a scooter horse. I tried to make it look like I loved it be really, I didn’t.

So for years I haven't even touched it, so I gave it to my grandson.  He didn’t like it by the looks so he came and played the piano with me. It was my time to go.

Te ngahere

Wal about te ngahere, the rakau, the krarehe, the manu, and the risks to the forest

Thursday, August 24, 2017

As it came towards me: tuhituhi


World Events for your writing
I’m sure you won’t have missed the events in Barcelona, Spain this week or the devastation caused by the mud slide in Sierre Leone and the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The prompt this week uses the emotions that the media has shown us.

Latest prompt
As I said at the top of this page, the events around the world this week:
It was a typical Winter's day at school but since it was Friday it was the last day. All of us were tired, so my teacher decided to play Kahoot. As we were playing Kahoot I looked over to my left to see my friend frightened and pale. I don’t know why but he said ‘’I felt the ground shake.’’ I didn’t know what he was talking about but my stomach dropped. I saw mud running past the door, the mud came into the classroom. Me and my friend were holding hands, as it came rushing towards us we drowned.

Friday, August 18, 2017

100 word challenge

Week 4:

This is the new 100 word challenge
You will be working in your Tuakana/Tēina pair for this writing task. You will be collaborating to create an exciting piece of writing together.
Before you start:
Make a copy of the file and save it in your tuhituhi folder. Name it “T3 W4 - 100 word challenge ” (then your initials)   
Here is the latest prompt:

Just what is the story behind this character’s laughter?

The form will close on 19th August at 23.45 BST
WALT: Create a descriptive piece of writing through the eyes of the main character

We need to focus on these things:

  • Full stops and capital letters
  • Using language features to make our writing more interesting

Once this is completed you can publish it on your personal blogs.

Hi I’m a seal I was going home and I had the most funniest day. I will start from the beginning, I was at school and my friend told me a joke it made me laugh so hard.He told me jokes he said “ what time did the man go to the dentist? tooth hurty” and I started laughing. after school I was going home I saw a man he was walking home his pant fell down I started to laugh. I saw a clown telling some jokes he told me the most funniest joke he said “ Coca Cola.   

Friday, August 11, 2017

Whale Fantasia

Whale Fantasia       

  1. Make a copy, rename and start your writing on your copy. Save your file into your Tuhituhi folder.


  1. Click on the url below and watch the short clip.

Whale Fantasia Image.jpg

Before you start writing:
You are writing from the viewpoint of one of the swimmers OR that you are one of the whales. Think about how you would describe the setting that you are in.

How are you going to create atmosphere in your writing?

What sort of language are you going to use to create tension and suspense and tell the reader that you are thinking and feeling?

WALT write a descriptive piece of writing through the eyes of someone who is dreaming that they are swimming with whales OR that they are a whale.

Success Criteria
We need to focus on these things:
  • Full stops, capital letters
  • Paragraphs

To start with you will write a description of the first scene, now describe what it is like as you move through the underwater landscape.
Use the show not tell technique to create thoughtful writing. You are writing through the eyes of somebody who is dreaming that they are swimming with whales. Create suspense and tension you swim through the water, it is as if you belong there.                              

Go to this Whale Fantasia PADLET  and start writing your ideas, words feelings adjectives, onomatopoeia,  similes and metaphors.

Once this is completed you can publish it on your personal blog.

It was 6 o'clock in the morning and I haven’t slept all night because of this day. I quickly got my togs on and ran to the beach, the waves crashed into the shore like a tornado.

I didn’t want to go in the water so I just looked at the view. I stayed there from 6 o’clock until about 12 because the view was so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off it. As I was walking to the water I could feel the seaweed  it was as slimy as spaghetti.

I dived into the water like a dolphin and the water was as cold as ice. The deeper I went the darker it was. As I  went deeper  I could see more sea animals. I saw swordfish with their noses as sharp as a knife.I saw electric eels that glowed like glowworms in a cave.

As I was swimming in the cold blue ocean I came upon three big whales, they were as big as a classroom. I felt like I was in a big fishing tank. After looking at the whales I swam up to the top of the water, then I decided to go home so I swam back to shore.

The sand was so hot as hot as an oven as it burnt my feet. I ran across the sand and got an ice cream. Then all of a sudden I woke up in my bed,looked around and I realised that the whole thing was a dream.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

create a kayak

Create your own Kayak

Step 1
Create your design
*Screenshot the finished imageScreenshot 2017-08-01 at 9.35.44 AM.png

Step 2
Describe your design
I have a SLALOM K1 kayak with red white and black stripes to represent the maori flag. I have chosen a black and white fist too.  

Step 3
Describe who would buy your design

You should buy it because it is so stable so when you think you would fall out no it will tilt back. Only 50 dollars but the first 500 people get it half price. Kids from 7 to 9 or over can only ride the master piece. Only at the warehouse so call now 0800001001.

Step 4
Share your screenshot and your descriptions on your blog.
With a Walt and Task description.