Friday, August 12, 2016

          The Switch

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Imagine switching bodies with another person here is a story. A guys name Ronaldo was a famous player for football. One time when he was playing in front of 15000,00 people he was running to a kid with a ball.
Ronaldo was running way too fast. He was faster than a dog. As Ronaldo was getting closer to the ball boy. BANG!! He smashed his head into the ball boy. Screenshot 2016-08-11 at 10.03.10.png

The whole crowd stopped in fear, 5 seconds later both of them got up. Everyone was around them taking photos. The next morning the ball boy and Ronaldo got out of bed. Ronaldo thought that he was the ball boy. And the ball boy thought that he was Ronaldo. Both of them screamed in fear.

The ball boy who thinks that he is Ronaldo ran down stairs. Mum and Dad were making breakfast. The ball boy said why am I here. The Mum and Dad said good morning. The ball boy said I don’t know you. Then he yelled STRANGER DANGER!!!. Then the ball boy ran out the house scared he thinked to himself who am I and why am I here. So he ran of fast as a tiger. As the ball boy was running he went past a football game.

He asked the boys can I play. The boy said HELL NO!!! Only if you can get a goal. The ball boy was so embarrassed but he did it. The boys were laughing said YOU SUCK!!! But the ball boy proved the boys wrong the ball boy said who sucks now. So then they let him play. He skilled all of them everyone was scared of him.

Now Ronaldo a lady went up to him and said here’s your key NOW LEAVE YOUR LATE FOR TRAINING!!! She cried. Then he got into his pagani zonda and drove fast as a flabby boy. As he got to training all the boys looked at him. Then the coach came out of nowhere  and said RONALDO GO HOME YOU ARE SO BAD!!.

Now the ball boy 10 years later he was vs Ronaldo, Ronaldo looked at the ball boy like I remember you. As the both of them went out the stadium the ball boy kick the ball. ronaldo ran for it then BANG they hit head again 5 seconds later they were back to there own boby. The end  


  1. Talofa Lava. I'm Rikki-Lee I am from Greymain school. This is an amazing piece of writing, it was funny and descriptive! But you could add a bit more detail about the characters.
    If this happened to you who would change with?

  2. Hi Ricci My name is Leah and I am from Mamaku 2. Wow that is a lot of writing I was wondering if you thought of all of that by your self and also why did you write about that. I really like the story line to that piece of writing and the boys are bullys I think. here is a link to my blog

  3. Hi Leah thanks for reading my story thank for leaving a link to your blog.


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