Monday, August 29, 2016

I am the dark fast panther I train running all night and day. I am the fastest out of all the other runners. I am fast then lighting when it hits the ground. I compete in the animal Olympics but what the animal’s don’t know is that i'm half human.

When the animal's are asleep I sneak out the dark scary rain forest. Then I change into Usain Bolt when I was a kid I forgot my launch. My teacher came up to me with a grin on his face and said.. ‘’If you can beat this kid in a race to that tree you can have my food. I lined up right next to my friend then I said ‘’what are you doing? I said. I’m racing you I was shocked that I was vsing him.  Then my teacher said GO!! I ran as fast as I could I was losing. I turned around and I saw the food but then I ran over the rock and then My foot started to bleed. It was sore as a little splinter.but I did not stop I just took a breath and ran. Then I past my friend I said bye bye he said NO NO NO I WANTED TO BEAT HIM FOR FOOD!!!!!!. My surprised teacher said WOW good job. Here you go said the teacher. My friend said good job.

Now when I change to a human sometimes i’m alone. I have no one to race with but I don’t care
I just train and train running. It bored with out a friend I have to race in two day for the animal Olympics was sad and lonely finally one more day until I race some of the best runner in the world.

I wake up I go to the animal Olympics I line up the monkey said GO!. I was running as fast as I could I past the finish I win gold I am the best at running.     

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