Friday, August 26, 2016

Dream Giver

The Dream Giver

WALT use adjectives and similes in our writing.
We know we have done this when:
  • We have painted a picture with our words.
  • Made the reader want to read on.
  • Used more than 4 similes.
  • Used lots of adjectives to make our writing more interesting.

Extra things that we need to keep an eye on…..
Capital letters and full stops.

Click on the URL below and rewatch the Dream Giver short clip.
You can rewind and stop and start as much as you need to. This will help you when you need to describe the Dream Giver.

Go onto the padlet and brainstorm some ideas to help you. Padlet

Start your writing here.

I am the Dream Giver. I get up every night and brush my YUCK, BROWN TEETH!!!. Then I have a shower and wash my long, thick, hairy legs. My house is old, older than the oldest man in the world. I wash my holy shiny wings and set off. The first place I had to go was a dark old Orphanage. I went to open the old, white, door. It made a sound like it was going to break. I walk slower than a sloth.

I gave the kids dream’s then I ended up with one more kid. It looked like he was reading Grim Reaper’s Final Kill. I did not want to wake the boy up. So I left two eggs on his warm, white, bed.  

Then I quietly tiptoed out the old white door but the boy turned his head and broke one of the eggs into Grim Reaper’s Final Kill. I stopped in fear, his dream was now a nightmare. In his nightmare he was in a dark forest. Then he started to walk. The trees were old and covered with webs and little scary bugs. The boy heard a whisper behind him his eye were bulging and he started to cry. But the boy just walked and walked until there was a big rock. It was as big as an elephant,.
There were dead people and dry blood on the rock. There was an old sign that said “you're next”  The boy ran as fast as he could.

Then he stopped and had a rest, but when he went to sit on a rock he heard a loud BANG!!!. He did not move, he was as still as a crocodile trying to eat you. But then the Grim Reaper was behind him. As he just stayed there, the Grim Reaper went to cut his head off with his sharp shiny bald.

But I came and saved the day. The boy had a big grin on his face the I turned  the Grim Reaper into an old mossy statue. The boy said “thanks”  I said  “now go back to sleep”. He started to get tired and started to sleep.

I flew fast as a tiger, then the little boy woke up from his dream I flew straight out that white old door. The boy saw my shadow, his eyes were shocked that he saw me. But he did not care he just READ THAT BOOK!!. Now the boy is going to have another nightmare. I did that whole thing for nothing. I was as angry as raging bull.

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