Monday, June 27, 2016

WALT use correct punctuation and adjectives
1856 a little boy called Jack he was 6 he  loved going on his bike  with mum and dad one dark night Jack felt something in his bed it was his cat Jack went back to sleep. He had a dream he was in a maze he did not know where he was going so He ran as fast as he can then there was a

very big tower there was a old man he said welcome to tower of terror. Jack screamed he went into the tower there was kid behind a door. jack opened the door the kid wanted to kill Jack so he ran as fast as he can. there was a big slime the slime said want to eat my blood Jack said no the slime tried to eat jack the slime was to slow. jack ran into a spider a very big one jack got stuck in the spider's web the spider was going to eat jack he pushing as hard as he can the spider got his leg so jack had to run with his arms blood started to come out. jack got to the top of the tower there was a ghost the ghost said welcome to ghost beach jack said but there is no beach the ghost said look down jack looked down the tower the maze turned into a beach there were shacks and sea snacks the ghost pushed jack into the beach then jack got killed by the sea snake.          

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